So far I have written four chess books: ‘Who Dares Wins!’ (2010), ‘The Sicilian Scheveningen: Move by Move’ (2012), The Panov-Botvinnik Attack: Move by Moven (2013) and The Queen’s Indian: Move by Move (2016).

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Who Dares Wins!

Review from Chess Cafe:

“This review was delayed for one primary reason – I had too much fun going through Who Dares Wins! to put it down and write the review.

Author Lorin D’Costa is a British international master who has put together a book featuring, for the most part, one of the most adrenaline-releasing occurrences in chess – opposite-side castling….”

The Sicilian Scheveningen: Move by Move

Extracts from Amazon customer reviews:

“This Scheveningen move-by-move book from D’Costa is literally the best chess book I have ever purchased. I am not a professional reviewer, but I was compelled to write this after purchasing so many openings books that disappointed me… Imagine if Irving Chernev wrote a book on an opening, but then embellished even more on the ideas and concrete variations within the opening…. If you already play this opening, or you are looking for something you can play with a more thorough understanding, buy this book.”

“A really good book. I’m enjoying it. It is very easy to follow, and the variations are not too long and painful but straight to the point. … All in all… I’m really glad I bought it and would highly recommend it.”

“Playing against (and with) the Sicilian has now been added to my list of playable openings – I found the book to be perfect for the beginner with detailed analysis of what the chess player is trying to achieve.”

“This book is a must read for anyone who plays the Scheveningen. This is a collection of games featuring the most common variations one is most likely to meet in tournament play. The games are complete…the author does not go through the opening and then leave you hanging. Along the way he asks why a certain move was or was not played and then gives an explanation. This method is clear and concise. Presented this way, there is no memorizing moves without comprehension of why they were played…and the salient ideas in various positions will stay with you. In other words, this is not just rote memorization – but understanding a position.”

Video introduction to The Sicilian Scheveningen: Move by Move

The Panov-Botvinnik Attack: Move by Move

Extracts from Amazon customer reviews:

“My rating of Category 1 makes me a club player and this series of move by move is written with club players in mind. This book is my fifth book purchased in this series and I have found all good. This book allows 1.e4 players to attack the stone solid Caro-Kann Defence and has yielded me several wins at club. I found it very usefull in e-mail games too.”

Review by John Donaldson (

“The Panov-Botvinnik Attack: Move by Move will be useful for a wide audience of players not limited to those wanting a line to meet the Caro-Kann.”
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